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A walk through the sky

29 January, 2019
One day in two worlds
23 October, 2017

As the day ends, when the sunlight becomes paler and paler, an apotheosis of colors recovers Tenerife’s highlands. The innumerous craters on the island start erupting in an ephemeral symphony. Silence is. The night falls. Tenerife’s sun stops shining… Stars start doing so, covering the whole sky with a shining mantel of incomparable beauty.

Tenerife’s best hidden secrets are not on our island, but on its night sky. Let us unveil them for you.

Our night experiences, whose spotlight is a stargazing activity, start normally at mid-afternoon. We drive up to Mount Teide National Park, where we spend the day’s last hours to have a volcanic walk in which we transmit to you the importance of our island’s unique geological values.

Then we choose a natural look-out to gaze at the sunset and delight ourselves with the magnificent colors the dying sun recovers Tenerife’s summits with. Indescribable sensations. Unforgettable moments.

With the day’s last lights, we look for a good place to admire Tenerife’s firmament wonders. The night falls, the stars take possession of the skies. That is the moment when all sort of creatures revive on the celestial vault: Greek heroes, legendary monsters, cherubs from the one thousand and one nights, furious gods from the Olympus and a myriad of stories hide behind the thousands of stars that we can see with the naked eye from Tenerife’s summits.

The experience finishes with a stargazing activity. Arabs and Greeks, the best astronomers ever born in the Mediterranean, will guide us along and across the night sky, unveiling for you all its secrets. Finally, after this breathtaking experience, we come down from the heights and head to the destination you tell us.

An experience that combines volcanic, anthropological and astronomical culture with our feet on the ground and our eyes in the sky.

Please keep in mind that our experiences are tailored. The previous description contains just indicative information based on our past experiences. For any doubt or question, please do not hesitate at contacting us through the section “Contacts”.


  1. Jill Lucas says:

    We are a group of four friends and we have been on three trips with Dario. His in depth knowledge of all things Tenerife and his enthusiasm for the island have made the trips very memorable. Special coffees in La Laguna, edible flowers that taste like lemonade, lava tunnels and star constellations explained so that even I could understand them. You will not not find a better guide in Tenerife.

  2. Sam Marsh says:

    I agree with Jill Lucas, having a small group, means that you can do more, see more, experience more. Dario is charming and fun, he is worth the extra cost.

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